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Growing up reading Aaron Mcgruder’s The Boondocks and watching the TV show on Cartoon Network, I was inspired to voice my opinion on the way society was. Since the end of The Boondocks syndication, I took it upon myself to pick up where Mcgruder left off. Although the times and events may have changed, one thing I realized is that history is bound to repeat itself in some way, shape, or form. My vision for the series is to create awareness of the injustice and ignorance of society. We have made great feats in the areas of technology and social justice, but at the end of the day people will act the way they did 100 years ago. Taking place on a secluded island, I can push the events of the story to unimaginable feats.
What Is Stuck On An "Eyeland"?
It refers to the days I spent playing corner back as a football player. My job was to always guard the receivers  that were split out wide. In football, players call that being "on an island" because rarely will you ever get help from any of your other team mates if the ball is thrown your way. It is just you, the receiver, and the quarterback.
It is more than a metaphor. It is that feeling that everyone has when they are stuck in a world that no one else can relate to. It started as an idea I kept thinking about when I lived in Hawaii. Being one of very few student-athletes that made it a point to be successful in both school and athletics. That isolated me from many of my teammates and class mates because there was no one I could relate to. The "Eyeland" refers to the feel you get when you are isolated, you stand out -- singled out for your perceived differences. You don't necessarily have to be an outcast, but you are different, and will always be labeled as different.
So you go through life differently, seeing things through your eyes; hence the "Eyeland."
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